NEW OTC/Rx and Opioids Program - Keeping our Kids Safe on the Front End

1:00 TO 5:00 PM EDT
Columbus P.D. | August 21, 2018


In this 4 hour session, D.A.R.E. Officers will be trained on:


  • UPDATED K-2 OTC/Rx and Opioid related presentations
  • UPDATED 3/4 OTC/Rx lessons,
  • UPDATED 5/6 grade OTC/Rx lessons,
  • UPDATED 7th grade OTC/Rx lessons, 
  • NEW 8th grade opioid abuse lesson using the researched-based online module, “Opioids,”
  • NEW high school opioid abuse lessons: “The Prescription Drug, Opioid and Overdose Epidemic,

       Lesson 1: Understanding the Opioid Epidemic, and

       Lesson 2: Keeping Safe.”

  • NEW community opioid abuse presentations.


 Workshop participants will receive a complete set of instructional materials (Executive Summary, lesson plans, Family Talks, PowerPoints).  Successful completion of this training block will certify officers to be able to teach all D.A.R.E. OTC/Rx and Opioid lessons with the instructional materials that are provided.

$25 Registration Fee