Lafayette student wins honorable mention in state wide
D.A.R.E. poster contest!

Article Courtesy of the City of Lafayette | Date of Record: April 16, 2014

A student from St. James Lutheran School of Lafayette had an honorable mention in the state wide D.A.R.E. Spring poster contest!

Gage Rausch, of St. James Lutheran School, was not able to participate in the State D.A.R.E. poster contest due to a broken arm that had a cast on it. Classmate Zoe Wetzel told Gage that she would help him make a poster and that she would enter the poster under her name. If she won, she promised to give the prize (an iPod Shuffle) to Gage. True to her word, when she found out that she was a runner up in the contest and had won an iPod Shuffle, she gave the iPod Shuffle to Gage! What an awesome display of team work!

Zoe Wetzel was one of 5 runners up in the State wide poster contest!

Pictured Above: Gage Rausch and Zoe Wetzel at
St. James Lutheran School.


Pictured Above: Zoe Wetzel and
D.A.R.E. Officer John Townsend
at St. James Lutheran School.