Curriculum Cross Content Correlation

Summer, 2012

Indiana educators have always used the Indiana Academic Standards as the knowledge to base their lessons on in their classrooms.  Indiana is one of 45 states that has committed to adopting the Common Core Standards by 2015.  Our state is in a transitional period of switching to the National Common Core Standards. This is why the two documents are necessary.  It is also important for D.A.R.E. Officers to be informed how important these two documents are to educators.


Indiana educators are facing a new evaluation system known as R.I.S.E. Evaluation and Development System.  With the advent of the new R.I.S.E. program, educators will have to physically prove that the information taught in D.A.R.E. applies to their grade’s academic standards.  These two documents will be their physical evidence that D.A.R.E. instruction is meeting both Indiana Standards and the new National Common Core Standards during this transitional period.  Both of these documents are extremely important to both a D.A.R.E. schools’ administrators and classroom teachers as they face new challenges with the Indiana R.I.S.E. evaluations.

Indiana Standards Cross Content Correlation

Elementary keepin it REAL Cross Content Correlation

Middle School keepin it REAL Cross Content Correlation



National Common Core Standards

Elementary keepin it REAL National Common Core Standards